EV Charger / Charger Monitor

"Charging Solutions : Smart and Efficient Charging for a Sustainable Future "

At SCPL, we are paving the way for a greener tomorrow with our cutting edge Electric Vehicle Charging Station Monitor Controller. Empower your electric vehicle charging stations with intelligent, reliable, and user friendly technology....

Key Features :

# Powerful Management :

Efficiently regulate power flow from the grid, ensuring optimal charging performance and energy utilization.

# Flexible Charging Control :

Prioritize safety with ground fault detection, over-current protection, and emergency stop functions for immediate shutdown in case of issues.

# User Friendly Interface :

Equip your charging station with an intuitive display and user interface, providing real time charging status, cost information, and instructions.

# Metering and Billing Solutions :

Incorporate precise energy meters for accurate consumption measurement and seamless billing integration for user convenience.

# Temperature Management :

Monitor and manage component temperatures to prevent overheating, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your charging infrastructure.

Why Choose Streamline Controls Private Limited ?

# Expertise :

With years of experience, we bring unparallel expertise to the EV charging industry


# Forward – Thinking Approach :

We are committed to keeping you ahead of industry trends with forward – thinking automation solutions.

# Innovation :

Our Solutions are designed with the latest advancements to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle infrastructure.


# Proven Results :

Join a growing list of satisfied clients who have witnessed improved efficiency and profitability with our automation services.


# Sustainability :

Embrace a sustainable future with our environmentally conscious charging solutions.