• RTU, a micro controller based intelligent controller, is a versatile solution for data acquisition, to transfer the data and to send SMS alerts, via GSM or Landline telephone, to remote locations, as well as to control various outputs from the remote locations.
    • Features

      • Micro controller based intelligent controller which can perform data acquisition using
        • RS – 485 Serial Link with MODBUS protocol
          –  Expandable Digital Inputs (x8 – upto 64)
          –  Expandable 12 Bit Analog Inputs ( upto 8)
          –  Expandable Scanned Analog Inputs (x8 upto 64)
        • RTU can establish control from remote place using
          –  Expandable Digital Outputs (x8 – up to 64)
          –  Expandable Analog Outputs (up to 16)
          – Incorporates Real Time Clock

        • Samples & Stores Data at periodic interval in the local non-volatile memory. Can also sample data on RTC basis
          • The data/ status of various digital / analog inputs can be retrieved from remote place using GSM or Landline telephone.
          • Digital & Analog Outputs can be operated using GSM or Landline telephone.
          • Can generate SMS Alerts pertaining to typical data or digital / analog inputs conditions to pre-defined mobile numbers
            Can also operate digital / analog outputs with SMS received from pre-defined mobile numbers
          • “RTU follows wherever the GSM Network Follows”
            very powerful tool to establish complete control of applications remotely.
          • Full expert application programming support
          • Can be put into use for unlimited applications in industries, homes, commercial complexes, hospitals etc..
          • Extremely useful in monitoring and maintaining remote sites

    Communicator (RTU)