ASPack - PLC for Socketing (Belling) Machine

PLC for Auto Pipe Socketing Machine is a Micro controller based intelligent controller used in RPVC pipe Extruder plant, has a keen role in increasing Dia. of the pipe as per requirement.


Operation :

  • Water Pump / Socket / Clamp / Pipe Up Down / Pipe Move / Pipe Grip

  • Can be used for In line / Off Line, Fully / Semi-Automatic machine

  • 3 Modes: Auto, Semi, Manual

  • 3 Timers: Water Pump, Cycle Delay, Max. Cycle Time

  • Preset Counter

Application Area

  • In line fully-Automatic PVC Pipe Socketing (Belling) Machine

  • Off line Semi-Automatic PVC Pipe Socketing (Belling) Machine

  • Off line Manual PVC Pipe Socketing (Belling) Machine

Digital Inputs
Heat Cycle Start
Socket Cycle Start
Digital Outputs
Heat Cycle
Embos Time
User interface
16 X 2 LCD Display
5 Keys Membrane/Card Type


Digital Inputs
Cycle Start / Emergency / Grip Open
Socket Out / Socket In / Pipe Clamp
Pipe Dw / Pipe Up / Move End - INT
Digital Outputs
Water Pump / Socket / Clamp
Up Down / Move / Grip
Water Pump ON Time, Cycle Delay
Time, Max. Cycle Time
User interface
16 X 2 LCD Display / 24 Keys Membrane